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Legends of Chima Story

The Kingdom of Chima is home for five powerful Chima animal tribes and was once a perfect, natural paradise.

The battle for power in Chima, like all wars, turned friends into foes, fighting for dominance and control over the land’s unique natural resource – the Chi.

Lion Castle in Chima

Lion Castle in Chima

All About The Chi

Chi has always been a source of power like no other. It is the source of life for all creatures in Chima, but can also bring unthinkable destruction when misused.

The Legends of Chima were collections of stories of past Chima heroes and villains who tried to protect, control, destroy, or hoard the mysterious and powerful Chi.

Chi starts its flow from the magical floating Mount Cavora and as the water falls into the mighty Cavora River which flows towards the Sacred Pool of Chi.

The Sacred Pool is the key location that actually turns the magical water into the potent and usable orbs that all the inhabitant of Chima relies on.

Dangers and Powers of the Chi

Power orbs created by the Chi have always been equally shared and distributed among the animal tribes of Chima. These orbs are a constant and reliable source of energy for abilities, battle gear, and even vehicles.

However, the Sacred Pool of Chi must always have the perfect balance of numbers of Chi orbs. Any imbalance can cause untold disasters in Chima, hence it is tightly guarded and regulated in supply.

Conflict Arises

For several millenia, the animal tribes of Chima have lived in harmony, until one tribe decides to let greed takeover and battled the guardians of the Sacred Pool of Chi for the control and ownership of Chima’s Chi supply.

The conflict between the two powerful tribes eventually forged alliances, splitting the formerly peaceful Chima tribes into good and evil.